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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 12, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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welcome to "world news." tonight, the rescues caught on tape. families saved from the floods, scooped to safety. others in life rafts. and tonight, the record winds. more than 80 miles an hour. tens of thousands without power in the west. homes destroyed in the east. on deck. the new signal that a-rod is planning his next move tonight. can the one-time golden boy of baseball save his career? and tonight, was this super charged third baseman afraid of needles? foreign affair. the drama playing out tonight. the world leader hiding under a motorcycle helmet. the photo that's launched a flurry of headlines over who it was he was visiting. and a mother's will. the boston bombings took both of her legs. then the marines, amputees themselves, visiting her with a promise. >> i can't do anything right now. >> right now, yes, but -- >> just wait until you see her
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tonight. good evening and thanks for being here on a sunday night. and we do begin with the powerful winds hitting both coasts. a storm brewing in the west and in the east, look at this. in raleigh, north carolina, 86 -mile-an-hour winds breaking a record. so many images like this one. trees coming down. with warmer temperatures coming, frozen rivers after that arctic blast are now melting and bringing flooding fears. this image of the delaware river near trenton, new jersey. and look at this tonight. the flooding north of albany, new york. that truck under water there. in the midwest tonight, in chicago, the danger, the falling ice smashing into the sidewalks below. tonight, a major change is coming and we begin with abc's linzie janis with the storm hitting the west right now. >> reporter: tonight, the big thaw causing a big mess. from washington to oregon, wind gusts of up to 85 miles per hour
5:32 pm
sending trees crashing into homes, cars, cutting power to tens of thousands. >> the crash was the trees taking my gutters off my garage. >> reporter: you've already seen this incredible video of strong winds wiping out homes under construction in raleigh, north carolina. but we now know the winds at the city's airport clocked in at a record 86 miles per hour on saturday. in ohio, ice dams caused a river to overflow. residents had to be rescued. pets, too. >> it's a bad situation. we just had to help them get out of there. >> reporter: in western new york, crews using boats, even a bulldozer, to free dozens of people trapped by flood waters. >> we lived here for 20 years. i've never seen the water this high. >> reporter: from pennsylvania to maine, the u.s. coast guard deploying ice breakers in rivers to try to stop the rising waters. just a few days ago, the hudson river here in new york city was full of ice. that ice is now gone.
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and luckily, the flood watches along this river have been lifted. but tonight, authorities throughout new england say they are keeping a very close eye on rising rivers. david? >> linzie, thank you. i want to bring in meteorologist chris knowles, back with us here tonight. we saw the damage with linzie there. you say these end credible winds continue tonight? >> reporter: and into tomorrow, too, david. this is turning out to be the strongest storm of the year so far for the pacific northwest. wind gusts up to 85 miles per hour, and of course, heavy mountain snow. those advisories continue. next up, we look in the middle of the country. a fast-moving clipper system drops snow there. and then look at the east coast. this is monday night into tuesday. a lot of rain there. all up and down the eastern seaboard. >> after that arctic blast, incredible, the temperatures you're talking about for the week ahead. >> reporter: you're not going to believe this. look at this. monday's highs in new york right around 50 degrees. all of these temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees above normal. >> chris knowles, thank you so much. we turn now to a new development in that
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record suspension of alex rodriguez. tonight, abc news has learned he's preparing to come out swinging. his team taking the first step tomorrow. and abc's ryan smith on the story again tonight. >> reporter: a-rod fights back. tonight, his lead lawyer, joe tacopina tells abc news he's filing that appeal tomorrow in federal court to fight a-rod's historic 162-game suspension. this, on the heels of bombshell revelations from tony bosh, the man whose clinic allegedly provided performance enhancing drugs to the star slugger. in an interview with cbs, bosh comes out swinging, on everything from the list of alleged banned substances a-rod used -- >> testosterone, insulin growth factor one. human growth hormone. and some different forms of peptides. >> reporter: to the power hitter's fear of needles. >> alex is scared of needles. >> reporter: bosh goes on to claim that he would inject the needles himself. a-rod in a statement on the suspension say, quote, "i did
5:35 pm
not use performance enhancing substances as alleged." his fall from grace, a long way from the promise of stardom he showed when he debuted with the seattle mariners at age 19. growing in stature and size. >> he's someone who had great talent and chose this path and is paying the consequences. >> and ryan smith with us now. you talked to a-rod's legal team. they are waste nothing time? >> reporter: nope, getting right to it. they will file that lawsuit tomorrow and they think they can win. >> ryan smith, thank you. now to washington this evening, and to a major development on iran. president obama this sunday saying the u.s. and other countries will begin to give iran some relief from those economic sanctions with iran now agreeing to start curbing their nuclear activities. you'll remember this image of the president last fall, talking on the phone with iran's new president. the first direct contact between an american president and an iranian lieader since 1979. i want to bring in our chief white house correspondent
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jonathan karl right now. jon, when does iran have to begin implementing this deal? actions speak louder than words. >> reporter: david, january 20th is the day that iran will begin to scale back part of its program eliminating some of its nuclear fuel. and in exchange, they will get $7 billion in sanction s relief. the white house released a statement, saying this is the best chance to get an agreement that will finally put to end fears that iran is developing a nuclear bomb. >> jon, some want new sanctions as an insurance policy? >> reporter: a major movement right now in congress, led by a top democrat, to impose new sanctions on iran right now. the white house says that would derail this diplomatic effort. in fact, david, the president in that statement today issued a veto threat, saying if congress passes sanctions, he will veto them. big fight ahead. >> jon karl at the white house with us on a sunday night. jon, thank you. now to the governor many republicans are hoping will run
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for the white house. but there could be a major political hurdle as early as tomorrow. subpoenas are expected for chris christie's aids after that traffic plot on the george washington bridge. could there be a criminal investigation now, as well? abc's gio benitez tonight. >> reporter: two of chris christie's aides at the center of the bridgegate scandal may be served with those legislative subpoenas as early as monday. lawmakers demanding documents and testimony as the world weighs in on that massive four-day traffic jam on the george washington bridge. right here on abc's "this week," republican rudy giuliani on chris christie. >> he's handled it the best way you can possibly handle it. he's held a press conference. he's flatly denied it. >> reporter: but there's a big if. >> if it turns out that there's some evidence that he knew about it, he's taken the complete risk that his political career is over. >> reporter: there's no evidence governor christie had any involvement in the traffic lane shutdown last september. but e-mails show christie's own aides participated, perhaps for
5:38 pm
political payback. a democratic assemblyman investigating the incident says this may be a criminal matter. questions tonight over the possible misewe of public resources during that four-day jam. >> when you use the george washington bridge for what the e-mails show to be a political payback, that amounts to using public property for a private purpose or political purpose and that's not legal. >> reporter: now a former republican governor of new jersey tells "the washington post" he faults christie for establishing a culture where no one, kwoeshgquote, "will ever so him, and that is dangerous." and it is christie's tight inner circle under scrutiny tonight. if question right now, during those four days on that bridge, david, who knew what when? >> gio, thank you. next, to west virginia now, where hundreds of thousands of families are facing a new week without water, after the giant chemical spill. tonight, how long were those chemicals there without being inspected? abc's susan saulny in west virginia. >> reporter: today, officials
5:39 pm
raced to complete hundreds of tests of the drinking water around the charleston area. what they're finding is encouraging. more samples coming back showing a low level of chemical in the water. but an all-clear for the water supply here could still be days away. the region's entire plumbing system, every house, every business, every building, will need to be flushed. >> i believe that we're at a point where we can say that we see light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: but now, the first look inside the containment wall that leaked 7,500 gallons of a toxin into the river. >> you can actually see where there were cracks in it, where the chemical came through it. the condition of the plant was not good. the danger was known to the previous owner and the danger was known to the current owner. >> reporter: and more questions about the chemical plant responsible for the leak, upstream from a water plant serving 300,000 people. state officials say inspections weren't required, because the company didn't produce the chemical, only stored it.
5:40 pm
for now, most businesses are shut. downtown charleston is a ghost town and most schools will be closed again tomorrow. and frustration mounts. many of the people at this jam-packed soup kitchen told us, they just want clean water in their homes. >> i have three babies. they are 5, 6 and 8. we're bathing them out of the sink. >> reporter: with many people here saying they've been suffering from headaches and nausea because of the leak, officials they say plan to monitor the residents for years to come. david? >> susan, thank you. next tonight, to a new consumer alert and to the growing list of stores where millions of americans had their credit card information stolen. first target, last night we reported on neiman marcus here. now comes word it could be the tip of the iceberg. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: the list of retailers hacked over the holidays is growing. reports tonight that at least three other well-known u.s. retailers had customer credit and debit card information compromised. those stores have not been publicly identified, but they
5:41 pm
are associated with outlet malls. >> if your information has been breached, you need to know about it. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of target announcing a massive data breach of up to 110 million customers. and neiman marcus saying its investigating stolen credit card information from its customers over the holidays. the best way to protect yourself? check your credit report. monitor your bank statements for fraudulent activity and if you see any unusual charges, report it. you will be reimbursed by your bank or card company. authorities are investigating whether the cyber attacks are linked. officials suspect the hackers are from eastern europe. >> aditi, thank you. overseas tonight, and to france, and to the real life drama involving the french president and a movie star. a magazine reporting their affair after photographing him paying her a visit hidden under a motorcycle helmet. private affairs usually don't do much in france, but it has now
5:42 pm
because of what's followed. here's abc's jeffrey kofman. >> reporter: officially the president of france, francois hollande is not married. but valerie trierweiler is known as the first lady. she has been his girlfriend for nine years, and she lives with him in the elysee palace. which is why this week, this paris tabloid splashed these photos on its pages, showing le president having what is alleged to be a secret tryst. that's apparently hollande concealed under the helmet, with visor down. the other woman is julie gayet, a glamorous french movie star. in washington, this would be a high octane scandal. but in france, extramarital affairs of state are, well, expected. when president francois mitterand died in 1996, his wife and mistress stood side-by-side at the grave. his illegitimate daughter stood with them. which is why, on the streets of paris, hollande's affair gets nothing more than a shrug. >> the guy has the right to do whatever he wants. >> reporter: but now, news that one person is not happy about the exposure of the affair,
5:43 pm
madame trierweiler. she has been hospitalized, doctors have ordered rest. it's just the latest setback in her odyssey as first lady. >> she herself has had to contend with unpopularity. biting newspapers and magazine articles about herself. >> reporter: president hollande has been battling the lowest approval ratings of any modern french president. news of his affair has seen his popularity go up. jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> jeffrey, thank you. and back in this country, and we tern now to an animal hunt that has many outraged tonight. we're talking about the black rhino, and the price one hunter paid at a texas auction to travel overseas to kill one of these endangerered animals. here's abc's muhammad lila now. >> reporter: it's literally a license to kill. >> why? why do this senseless killing? >> reporter: overnight, the dallas safari club auctioned off the chance to kill a real life black rhino in africa. the winning bid? $350,000. the winner's name kept anonymous.
5:44 pm
the auction drawing these protest, even an online petition with 60,000 signatures and growing. >> it's sad. especially an endangered species. >> reporter: among those here -- >> mine says "honk to save the rhinos." >> reporter: the reis siblings, child activists crusading to save the endangered species. >> maybe they're just doing that so they can get a few pictures with the rhino laying down dead. >> reporter: there are only around 4,000 to 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild. and when we reached out to the dallas safari club for a statement, they sent us this. saying, "science shows that selective hunting helps rhino populations grow." and, that the rhino targeted will be hold, aggressive, and "known to charge and kill younger, breeding class bulls, cows and even calves." executive director ben carter stating, "i'm proud of our organization for taking a stand to help ensure the future of an iconic species." all of the money will go towards rhino conservation. in other words, killing one to save many others. an argument that, for many, just doesn't fly.
5:45 pm
muhammad lila, abc news, new york. >> muhammad, thank you. and to an image from the vatican this evening. pope francis baptizing 32 babies. at one point, he put so many mothers at ease when he told them, fee free to feed your crying babies. continuing to chart his own course, he accepted one couple not married by the church. still much more ahead on "world news" here on a sunday night. the united flight and the scare in the cockpit. the nurses who happened to be on board, rushing to the front of the plane to help the pilot in trouble. and who landed the plane? and later tonight here, a texas-sized stunt. the daredevil who turned this bridge into a scene for his latest stunt. but what happens in the end?
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5:48 pm
from denver. >> reporter: tonight, one airline captain is alive. thanks to two quick-thinking passengers on a recent united flight out of des moines, iowa. amy sorenson was watching a movie when there was a call for help. >> asking if anybody on board had any medical experience. >> reporter: sorenson, a nurse from wyoming, and linda alweiss, a nurse from california, raced from coach to cockpit because the person having serious chest pains -- is the pilot. >> and he was kind of slumped over in his chair and he was mumbling incoherently. and i then turned to the co-pilot and i said, "you know how to land the plane, right?" >> reporter: pictures show the two quickly turning the plane's galley into an emergency room. they say the pilot had an irregular heartbeat. they gave him medication, oxygen and fluids, keeping him stable. the flight was originally supposed to land here in denver, until the co-pilot, along with a retired military pilot that just
5:49 pm
happened to be on board, urgent steered the plane toward omaha. medical emergencies in the air happens about once every 600 flights. tonight, united tells us their pilot is expected to be okay. >> i don't really consider it heroic. >> we just jumped in, knowing that the patient needed care and just jumped into our roles. >> reporter: just doing their jobs. but this time, at 30,000 feet. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> saluting those nurses tonight. when we come back on the news tonight, news about caffeine and your memory. and the daredevil you have to see to believe. no safety harness. just his bike. no safety harness. just his bike. but how this ends. robably about. it was different than the other times i tried to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix varenicline is proven to help people quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. that helped me quit smoking. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking, or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix,
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200 milligrams, about two cups of coffee. forget the bike lane. one texas daredevil pulling off an over the top stunt. watch this tonight. matt olsen riding over the six arches of this brand new bridge in ft. worth. they're up to 40 feet high, by the way. five feet wide. he pulled it off without a harness. he survives it all. but in the end, on the other side waiting -- the police, giving him a ticket. and we have a followup here tonight on a boy who moved so many of you at home. tweeting me last night about sam berns, who lost his life to that rare disease that rapidly ages the body, progeria. his favorite team, the new england patriots, paying tribute to the brave 17-year-old with a moment of silence and then dedicating the playoff win last night over indianapolis, to sam. berns died friday, just a day before the patriots were going to make him an honorary captain. we were with him just before he turned 17. many of you asking to post the story on sam last night, so, we put it up at when we come back here tonight, the mother losing both of her legs in the boston bombings. then the visits from those marines, amputees themselves. and just wait tonight. the new video of that mom we
5:54 pm
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i have the flu, i took medicine but i still have symptoms. [ sneeze ] [ male announcer ] truth is not all flu products treat all your symptoms. what? [ male announcer ] nope, they don't have an antihistamine. really? [ male announcer ] really. [ dog whine ] but alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu speeds relief to these eight symptoms. [ breath of relief ] thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. ready? go. get it! [ male announcer ] can't find theraflu, try alka-seltzer plus for fast liquid cold and flu relief. finally tonight here, we all know our moms are strong. but tonight, one mother
5:57 pm
determined to get her life back after what happened in boston. we will never forget that powerful moment in a boston hospital room, recorded by a family, so hoping for a mother and daughter's recovery. celeste and sydney corcoran. the mother, a double amputee after the boston bombings, visited by two marines, sharing a hug, and sharing something else in common. they are amputees, too. marine gabe martinez telling her at the time this is not the end, this is a new beginning. and listen closely to what she told him. >> i can't do anything right now. >> right now, yes, but -- i'm telling you, and, you know, with all my heart, you are going to be more independent, you know, than you ever were. >> that means -- i'm so glad to hear. >> reporter: we have followed the story of celeste after that moment, wiping away her tears as that marine promised bright days ahead. afterward, offers of help pouring in from all over the country. tonight here, new pictures of that mom, determined to prove those bombers would not win.
5:58 pm
with new prosthetic legs. reaching a milestone on the treadmill. >> woo hoo! >> woo! >> reporter: and look at this. the physical therapists helping her run, each holding straps to keep her upright. a struggle at first, but she finds her way. loved ones watching every moment. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: celeste now climbing to heights unimaginable in that hospital room. her final step. >> unbelievable. >> yes! >> reporter: and tonight, she was so proud to show us her first run in that rehab center, just a few days ago, with no help. >> woo hoo! you look fantastic! >> i'm not going to give up. this is not the end. this is just a different beginning. >> and celeste telling me she's having a margarita to celebrate. we toast celeste. good night.
5:59 pm
49ers fans rejoice. we'll have live team coverage on today's win in charlotte. the unpopular decision made by the seahawks to keep local niner fans from getting first dibs on tickets for next week's game. >> developing news from san jose where investigators say a serial arsonist has struck again. what is being done to stop him. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. [chanting] >> the quest for six continues. jubilation around the bay area after the 49ers pummel the panthers with a big win in charlotte. i'm ama daetz. we'll get back to the celebrations in a moment. first developing news out of san jose can the search for a serial
6:00 pm
arsonist is intensifying after three more fires this morning all deemed suspicious. sergio quintana is live with the community. reporter: the fire department just told us about the three fires about in the last hour and a half or so, and earlier this afternoon, residents came to the fire station, picked up fliers like this one that include a sketch of the suspected arsonist, and distributed them throughout the neighborhood. this is the damage from one of this morning's fires, a portable building behind a church was damage. fire crews were able to put it out before they spread to any nearby structures. no one was injured there. earlier this morning, another fire was set but was turned out pretty quickly by neighbors before fire crews arrived. a third fire was put out later in the morning by fire crews. all three fires happened within hours of each other before the sun came up.


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